Internet Area


The Monchique Internet Space started working on October 2003 and has been increasingly sought out by users of all ages. It is duly equipped, and has a monitor constantly present to provide all necessary support. The Monchique Internet Space is a public venue, providing access to new information technologies and to the Internet, for use by the entire population free of charge.


Espaço Internet


PHONE: 282 910 235


Working hours:

Monday to Saturday, from 3 to 9 p.m.

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


Available equipment:

- 13 personal computers, all with Internet connection.

- 1 laser printer

- 1 inkjet printer

- 1 Playstation



Located at Quinta da Vila, a building adjacent to the Parish Council of Monchique.


Following the success of the Internet Space, used by dozens of young people, all web surfers can now access the Internet via a Hotspot service available at Largo dos Chorões. Thanks to this service, all users can hook up their laptops and access wireless Internet substantially faster, using wireless technology. This is another factor of attraction, which is vital for the population to enjoy the main public urban spaces.     

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